The following offices and candidates shall be on the ballots of the November 2, 2010 General Election in Dorchester County, South Carolina. All offices are 1-Seat to Fill unless otherwise posted.

A candidate may be nominated by more than one political party. Such candidates are commonly referred to as “fusion candidates.” Click here for information regarding candidates representing more than one party.


Morgan Bruce Reeves, Green
Nikki R Haley, Republican
Vincent A Sheheen, Democratic
Morgan Bruce Reeves, United Citizens

Lieutenant Governor

Ken Ard, Republican
Ashley Cooper, Democratic

Secretary of State

Mark Hammond, Republican
Marjorie L Johnson, Democratic

State Treasurer

Curtis Loftis, Republican

Attorney General

Leslie Minerd, Green
Alan Wilson, Republican
Matthew Richardson, Democratic

Comptroller General

Richard A Eckstrom, Republican
Robert Barber, Democratic

State Superintendent of Education

Doretha A Bull, Green
Mick Zais, Republican
Tim Moultrie, Libertarian
Frank Holleman, Democratic
Tony Fayyazi, Independence

Adjutant General

Bob Livingston, Republican

Commissioner of Agriculture

Hugh Weathers, Republican
Tom E Elliott, Democratic

U.S. Senate

Tom Clements, Green
Jim DeMint, Republican
Alvin M Greene, Democratic

U.S. House of Representatives District 1

Robert Dobbs, Green
Tim Scott, Republican
Keith Blandford, Libertarian
Ben Frasier, Democratic
Rob Groce, Working Families
M E Mac McCullough, United Citizens
Jimmy Wood, Independence

U.S. House of Representatives District 6

Nammu Y Muhammad, Green
Jim Pratt, Republican
James E Jim Clyburn, Democratic

State House of Representatives District 94

Jenny Horne, Republican

State House of Representatives District 97

Patsy G. Knight, Democrat

State House of Representatives District 98

Christine Jackson, Democrat
Chris Murphy, Republican

State House of Representatives District 114

Bobby Harrell, Republican

County Council District 1

Willie R. Davis, Democrat

County Council District 2

David Chinnis, Republican

County Council District 3

Kenny Waggoner, Democrat
George Bailey, Republican

County Council District 7

Jay Byars, Republican
Timothy Patrick, Petition

Soil and Water Conservation District (2 seats to Fill)

Marie S. Dantzler
James E. “Jimmy” Fender

School District 2 (Four seats to fill at large)

Harry Blake
Gail Hughes
Tanya Robinson
Charlie Stoudenmire
Frances Townsend

School District 2 (Seats 4 and 5 to fill)

Seat 4
Angie L. Crum

Seat 5
Shirley Smith Goodwine
Cheryl Mushrush