From Steve Skardon, Executive Director, Palmetto Project:

As part of our 2010 Young Voters Initiative, the Palmetto Project is recruiting young people ages 16-24 to sign up as poll managers.   Since young people in SC tend to remain in-state at a rate more than almost anywhere else, it seems like a good investment of resources to train them and have them be available now and for future elections.

We’ve set up a website ( where young people can get information and indicate their interest in signing up … and we in turn refer them to the counties.  We also stay in touch with them to sustain their interest and get feedback from them after the elections.  The website and all our follow up communications makes it clear to anyone who signs up that we are a non-profit community group, and not part of the state election commission or any county election commissions.

Next week we are going to make a push for poll managers for the upcoming primaries.  We want counties to know we are doing this so they are not surprised.   If we refer young people to to a county, and they can’t use them; we ask that the county let us know, so we can refer them to a neighboring county.

Nell Killoy and Brady Quirk-Garvan on our staff are coordinating this.

STEPHEN SKARDON JR., Executive Director

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