Absentee voting is underway throughout South Carolina, and the State Election Commission wants to inform voters about associated procedures and deadlines.  Voters who meet one of the qualifying reasons listed below may cast an absentee ballot either in person or by mail.

In PersonIn St. George, you may vote in person at the Dorchester County Voter Registration Office, located at 201 Johnston Street, St. George. There, you will complete an application then cast your ballot.  You may vote absentee in person up until 5:00 p.m., Monday, June 11th.

In Summerville, you may vote in person at the Dorchester County County Services Building, located at 500 North Main Street, Summerville. There, you will complete an application then cast your ballot.  Voting is open from Monday, June 4th until Friday, June 8th between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Persons qualified to vote by absentee ballot:

  • Person on vacation who will be outside their county of residence on Election Day.
  • Members of the Uniformed Services or Merchant Marine, and their spouses and dependents residing with them
  • Persons who, for reasons of employment, will not be able to vote on election day
  • Physically disabled persons
  • Persons sixty-five years of age or older
  • Persons serving as a juror in state or federal court on Election Day
  • Persons admitted to the hospital as emergency patients on day of election or within a four-day period before the election
  • Persons with a death or funeral in the family within three days before the election
  • Persons confined to a jail or pre-trial facility pending disposition of arrest or trial
  • Persons attending sick or physically disabled persons
  • Certified poll watchers, poll managers, and county election officials working on Election Day

Check the status of your absentee ballot: https://info.scvotes.sc.gov/eng/voterinquiry/VoterInformationRequest.aspx?PageMode=AbsenteeInfo

Current and historical absentee voting statistics: www.scvotes.org/2010/05/13/fact_sheets