How do I become a poll worker?

Easy! Simply read about poll worker qualifications then fill out an application. That’s it! Our staff will review the application and place you in a location if space allows.

How much do poll workers get paid?

Clerks (those in charge of a polling location) are paid $60 for training and $120 for Election Day.

Poll managers are paid $60 for training and $60 for working Election Day.

What if I have other questions?

What is Poll WITS?

Poll WITS (Worker Information and Training System) was created to provide you immediate access to your election information. In addition you will receive automatic email updates when changes occur*. Other benefits include: Real time updates to your information, In-person Training Registration and Status, Make changes to your information, Names of your fellow poll workers*, and Polling place location and maps*.

* – Indicates a feature not yet implemented.

Online Training

Begin or return to your online election training if you are eligible.

Training Videos

View SEC training videos anytime!


Poll WITS main page. You can see all info here. Or, log in to the right.

Poll Manager Handbook

Access our Election Day Operations Manual.